About Faith Strength Grace


Faith Strength Grace started out as an idea for a tattoo (that never happened), during a time when life was abundant with challenges. That turned into my personal mantra and road map for how I was going to navigate it all.

The image which is now the Faith Strength Grace logo shows the Dove as a symbol of Faith, the Oak and Acorns represent Strength (one whole, one broken, symbolizing things that have been lost), and 'the blue sky coming through the branches' indicates Grace. (Thank you, Anne Lamott)

The Faith Strength Grace collection will grow in time, adding new symbols for the 3 elements. It is my goal to create designs that will represent what those things mean to each of us; and it's my hope that they will be worn with a spirit that unites that beautiful diversity. 

Have Faith in Something. Find your Strength where you can. And it's perfectly OK with me if your Grace comes from a "higher power", or simply an intention to conduct yourself with a reasonable and semi-sustainable level of elegance. There will be a symbol for that, too!

May Faith Strength Grace be an everyday reminder of the power within you.



Faith Strength Grace, LLC is based in Naples, FL. 

All jewelry designs are original and have been brought to life by the skilled, talented, incredibly patient Mark O. Berman; and are lovingly crafted in NY, NY.